Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The 5 Coolest Gadgets of 2010

There are some cool products out there. There are cool promotional items and cool innovations. But gadgets are the epitome of cool. So cool that many would sell their own mothers to get what they've been waiting for. Almost everyday a new gadget comes along, and the one you have is then kind of old already, even if you bought it a couple of weeks ago. However, truly cool gadgets, those that you would really die for (like, say, the iPhone) are rarer. 2010 will be a great year for technology. Once the crisis is -we hope- somewhat over, tech companies will strive to get new customers, and will compete like never before with cutting edge design and technology. So get ready: here's the top 5 list of cool gadgets for 2010:

1. XBox: Ever heard of Project Natal? If you spend more than half an hour on the Web a day, you probably have. Otherwise, please first check out this YouTube video. Impressed? Well, after Nintendo's Wii, Microsoft had to do something about its own console. And since the Wii was such a big hit, this one has to be bigger. Project Natal will definitely score some big points for the Redmond company.

2. Ford's MyKey: If you give your car to your kids frequently, you might find that it sometimes gets hard to sleep well when they're out, as you're worried about what could happen to them. That's why next year Ford's releasing MyKey, which uses a chip in the car's ignition key so that the driver cannot exceed 80 mph. It can also be programmed to limit the car's audio levels and to sound loud alerts if the driver's not wearing a seatbelt.

3. Dual Touch Screen Laptop: We've already witnessed top-notch laptops with touch screens. But what about dual touch screens? Apparently, the Italian firm V12 Designs will launch its new version of Canova, a dual LCD laptop. This time, both will be touch screens.

4. 4G Phones. The real download speed of most 3G phones is not more than 384 Kbps, and sometimes a lot less. That's because it might have a 3 Mbps announced download speed, but the real one is a lot less. The 4G phones promise data transfers of 100 Mbps, and could reach up to 1 gigabit per second when static. That could mean downloading a full length DVD movie in about a minute.

5. Hydrogen Rulz! Hydrogen powered phones might be the next big thing. French researchers will probably announce by next year that a hydrogen fuel could be used as backup power source for mobile communications, letting users have some independence from electricity supplies to charge up their phones.

Technology tends to surprise us, so probably next year we'll see a gadget we haven't ever heard about. But these certainly make any tech-savvy person very much intrigued and anxious about what next year will bring. Don't you feel the same?